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La Vache Dip & Crunch Cheese Snack Sticks 4 Pieces 140gm

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Delicious and rich in protein, La Vache Qui Rit Dip & Crunch is a great snack for your kids. A single serving contains the same amount of calcium as in 1 glass of milk.
Dip & Crunch is the perfect combination of La Vache Qui Rit cheese and crunchy breadsticks, in a single serve pack that is great for dipping.

Full fat spreadable processed cheese (71.4%): water, cheeses, butter, skimmed cow's milk powder, milk minerals concentrate, milk proteins, emulsifying salt: E452, acidic whey concentrate. - snack sticks (28.6%): soft wheat flour, sunflower oil, malt, salt (1.6%), yeast. contains lactose, milk and gluten. May contain traces of sesame. 102g of wheat flour are used to produce 100g of snack sticks.
Qty: 4*35gm (140gm)
This is a vegetarian product.